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Nuclear Evolution T-Shirt Proves The Future Will Be Fun

Apparently the nuclear wars of the future will force are penises to evolve into vestigial appendages resembling a foot. Look, when I prayed to wake up with a foot-long in my pants, this wasn’t quite what I meant, dude. Sadly, this fore-telling shirt doesn’t say who’s first to drop the bomb. My money’s on the Polish. Well, that’s not entirely ...

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New Breed Of Garden Gnome Actually Does Garden Work

Garden gnomes compliment the yard fervently, but do they provide any productivity other than looks? Why can’t they just come to life, water the plants, cut the grass, trim the hedges and then go back to looking innocently petrified beside your garden? All you’ve known about the secretive lives of garden gnomes is about to change. Dutch Studio TX has ...

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