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Blow Up Couch Doubles as a Flotation Device

Tell me this wouldn’t have come in handy during Hurricane Katrina. Made out of dunnage bags, Malafor’s Blow Sofa is a mobile piece of furniture which lends its self to easy transportation thanks to its ability to flatten into two empty bags. Both inexpensive and easy to replace, the Blow Sofa appears to be just as comfy as an air ...

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Inflatable Robot Reporting For Duty

Any true nerd would love to receive a working robot to do his/her bidding. Joe-Bot does just that. It’s a three-foot inflatable robot that can be controlled via a wireless remote. Make him turn, make him walk, but don’t ask him to call it a comeback. It�s your very own robot friend! Standing at over 3 feet tall, this inflatable ...

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