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Human Skin Rug: The Most Disturbing Rug Ever

Designed by Chrissy Conant, the Chrissy Skin Rug is actually a very personal creation by the designer, signifying her relationship with her parents or some other mommy-daddy-type issue. I’m more focused on how disturbing this thing is. It sort of looks like a slaughtered blow-up doll. If there was a blow-up doll serial killer, their home might feature a rug ...

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Blow Me: Hoodies Made From Used Blow Up Dolls

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that designer Mama Anders loves to fuck. I mean, why else would she have dozens of blow up dolls with which to make clothing out of? It’s clearly the only logical reasoning here. Nevertheless, I’m sure you already want one of these hoodies. They look fashionable as ...

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