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Blood Sugar Monitor On Your Dashboard

If you’re one of the many who suffer from diabetes and your glucose levels are so sporadic that driving any distance could lead to unpredictable results, then this device is for you. Medtronic Diabetes unveiled its new car, a Lincoln equipped with a system that wirelessly associates your glucose monitor with a screen on the dashboard to make driving safer ...

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Tightie Whities Check Your Blood Pressure At Anytime

If you’re like me, a lard ass who needs to check his blood all the time, then you’re in luck. There is underwear that checks your blood pressure and I even like the color. Using a sensor attached to the waste (good luck rocking a belt), the underwear measures your pulse and calculates blood pressure from there, ultimately letting you ...

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Digital Cellphone Tattoo Powered By Your Juices

This concept from John Mielke would implant a special device under your skin which communicates via Bluetooth to your gadgets. Using a special smart-ink pixel painted on to your skin, the device projects a digital tattoo of a phone on your skin which you can interact with like a touchscreen. There’s even the potential to transmit 3G video conversations on ...

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