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Blast Knuckles Protect Your Hands and Face, Privates

Don’t fancy yourself a real-life Ryu? Scared that with every corner you turn, a mugger lies waiting to kick you ass and take your money? Time to man up. Get a pair of these Blast Knuckles for $50. Aside from the clever pun, these fuckers will shock your opponent with 950,000 volts of power. Yes, nearly a million volts. In ...

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Carnival Fun In Your Own Home

Remember that one summer in Coney Island where you sat down at a boardwalk game, trying to win a prize for your girlfriend? You had to shoot the water into a dude’s face until it a bell went off and little did you know it but you actually had a knack for this game. Now fast forward to today. You’re ...

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The Little Robot Cockroach That Could

Check out Guilherme Martin’s first attempt at making a robot. He uses an Arduino and motor shield with one servo for steering and a standard DC motor for movement. It’s dubbed “baratinha” meaning “little cockroach” in Portuguese. Using two micro-switches as if they were antennae, baratinha is able to detect obstacles in its way.� It’s just like a real cockroach ...

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