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Twitter Unveils Premium Accounts

EDIT: I also failed to notice that this is A COMPLETE HOAX. Twitter is gaining in popularity, that cannot be denied. I still just don’t understand why people like to lifecast this much though, but hey, who am I to judge? The Twitterati will today be pleased to find out they can now pay Twitter a good chunk of money ...

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Slow Motion Ornithopter

Seeing this video makes me hope that one day I’ll be flying in a giant robotic butterfly. Researchers in Japan are working on this small ornithopter, a flying device with wings that are modeled after those of a butterfly. The idea is to one day have commercial airplanes with flapping-wing flight just like birds. Above is a high speed video ...

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The Architect’s Birdfeeder: Yeah, George Costanza Made This Too

If you’re a fan of the show Seinfeld, then you surely know about George Costanza and his life-long dream of becoming an architect (you know the new addition on the Guggenheim? That was him, didn’t take him very long either.) The Architect’s Birdhouse wold give George a little more proof behind his lies. Shipped flat, and needing no tools and ...

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