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Flights of Fancy

A laboratory in Montana that limns the bases of avian flight; a tumblr that collects evidence of our airborne technological fantasies.

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Blooming Wire Clips Make Cables Less of an Eye Sore

How about this? Instead of trying to conceal wires behind pieces of furniture, why not integrate them into the decor of your home? These Blooming Wire Clips do exactly that, enhancing your cables to look like a natural part of the environment. We’ve already seen wires that look like actual vines, but these clips are a bit more practical. With ...

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Twitter “Follow Me” Tattoo Socks

It’s understandable that some of you are hesitant to get something as permanent as a tattoo. Especially with a fad site like Twitter. Who knows how long the novelty will last? A massive “follow me” tattoo isn’t for everyone. These “Follow Me” Tattoo Socks give you that temporary ink look, just in case you’re not ready to take the leap ...

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Prankster Screws with Crosswalk LEDs

This has to be one of the best street pranks ever. Spotted on the streets of Manhattan, some urban prankster had the ingenious idea of altering the “stop” hand of a traditional crosswalk light to resemble a hand flipping the bird instead. Want to cross the street? Fuck off! No really, just go away. Viva las vandalism! This is so ...

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Slow Motion Ornithopter

Seeing this video makes me hope that one day I’ll be flying in a giant robotic butterfly. Researchers in Japan are working on this small ornithopter, a flying device with wings that are modeled after those of a butterfly. The idea is to one day have commercial airplanes with flapping-wing flight just like birds. Above is a high speed video ...

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Teacup Birdfeeders For Stuck-up Birds

Birds are classy. They deserve to be treated like royalty as they run a muck in our neighborhoods, waking us up with annoying chirps and shitting all over our cars immediately after they’ve been washed. Etsy seller Ohthepollybilities makes these quaint teacup bird-feeders with an ordinary China teacup and some well-placed chain links. The seller describes its possibilities as “endless” ...

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