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I now pronounce you, Mii and Mii. You may kiss the Wii.

Gamer geeks have got to stick together. Sometimes, this even means getting married. And what would be a gamer wedding without gamer props? A couple getting married commissioned a pair of Mii figurines which will replace the typical bride and groom figures placed on top of the wedding cake. These Mii figurines are a product of MiiSculpture, a company which ...

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Stunningly bad Windows 386 promo video from Hell

[ev type=”youtube” data=”QGO2hVA3P58″][/ev] What the hell was Bill Gates on when he approved this commercial? The fact that this video was played to prospective customers is absolutely ridiculous. If we were buying software and this is the video we saw from Microsoft, we would think they were some back alley public broadcasting company. Take a gander and the video if ...

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