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Super Nintendo Bed

With a starting price of $20,000, the SNES-inspired iCon Bed isn’t for the casual gamer. But for someone who has devoted what amounts to several years of total gaming time, this bed is probably one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen. Equipped with a Hollandia adjustable 3D mattress, the iCon Bed also comes fully stocked with gadgetry goodness, including ...

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Not-So Modest Sheets

Mormons beware. These sheets are not for the modest. These Cheeky Duvet Sheets reveal everything but the naughty-bits. I might as well just sleep under cellophane wrap since I sleep in the nude anyway. It’d be sort of like hiding a robbery by murdering the gas station attendant. Doesn’t make much sense. Now… if you REALLY wanna bare it all… ...

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Twitter Bird Pillow

Thank God this Twitter Bird Logo Pillow doesn’t beep or blink whenever a new tweet is posted, because you’d never sleep. This custom made pillow features the now iconic Twitter bird. I’m still waiting on a Fail Whale pillow. It actually works out pretty nicely. The RSS Pillow symbolizes one half of my internet life, my research side, while the ...

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YouTube To Feature Live Event Broadcasting

YouTube is still looking for ways to show fresh new content to its users. So, come the 22nd of November, it is launching YouTube Live. This brings a whole new webcasting aspect to YouTube. Artists, musicians, bedroom bloggers and Internet famous people like the Star Wars Kid will be able to get some extra publicity as this event will bring ...

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