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Beard Beanie Releases Your Inner Chuck Norris

I know that it’s barely summer and you really don’t want to even start thinking about your winter wear for another few months, but I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on the hottest styles of fall and winter 2010. The Beard Beanie is sure to be a game changer as this year’s cold season looms over the ...

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Boba Fett Fleece Beanie: Collect Some Heads While Warming Your Own

The Fett-man has become one of the most endearing characters in the Star Wars universe. Second in evil only to Darth Vader (and perhaps Jabba the Hutt, but even that’s debatable. Jabba’s motives were out of pure greed. Boba simply loves to kill). Etsy user daniellemaupin sold her Boba Fett Fleece Beanie for $25, so you might have already missed ...

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Goomba Head Stomp Beanie Gives You A Headache

If having chubby plumbers jump on your head sounds like a good time, the Goomba-inspired Head Stomp Beanie is the perfect headware for you to rock this winter. Cuz, ya know, it’s not getting any warmer. Or is it? Duhn-duhn-duhn. It’s absolutely frigid out here in Jersey. I hope some of you readers live in a warmer climate. You lucky ...

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Paper Bag Beanie: Hobo-Chic

You say cheap and raggedy. I say fabulous and trendy. This fleece Paper Bag Hat transforms any upstanding citizen into the scourge of society. And that’s just absolutely fierce. Hobos are just so “in” right now. Where do you think Kate Moss got that trim physique? Years of starvation and hardship. Mmm, sexy. Link [via]

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Magic Unicorn Beanie Allows You To Fit In With Charlie and the Crew

While I’m not sure we can call this the coolest beanie we’ve ever seen (because let’s be honest, we’ve seen some really awesome beanies), it’s definitely the only one that would make you feel at home inside of a fantasy novel. The homemade Magic Unicorn Beanie gives the wearer a new phallic member and a generous mane of purpleish pink ...

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Beanie Of Frost Resistance Really Does Protect From The Cold

I never thought I would say this, but I have found a cure for chilly scalps. It’s called a “hat”. Why someone never though about this earlier is beyond me. It seems like the obvious thing to do. The Beanie of Frost Resistance grants you +15 to your coldness protection. And here I was thinking headwear was only made for ...

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