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Incredible R-Type Model

Now this is a true work of art. Picasso and Da Vinci are incredibly overrated anyway. Real art comes from passion, which in this case is Jim Rossignol’s model of the third stage boss from R-Type. Words can’t do it justice. Look at the detail, from the cannons on the ship down to the small R9 fighter right below it. ...

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The Ultimate Dragon Cake

Don’t say anything. Just don’t say it. This cake is the most badass baked good I’ve ever seen. We’ve had a shitload of cakes on our site and some were pretty awesome-looking, especially this LEGO Batman cake. But this dragon clutching a D20 D&D die? Holy shit. Is it even a cake? Look at the coloring and the amount of ...

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NoPattern Skate Decks

Colors and vectors and shapes, oh my! Chuck Anderson’s creations for NoPattern’s decks are incredible. Looking more like vector-based wallpaper for your computer than a skateboard deck, Anderson clearly pulled out the big guns for this series. At $55, they’re priced to move and will most likely sell out unless you hop all over ’em like a jackrabbit. Just don’t ...

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The Star Wars Vault Loads You Up With Swag

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. It has totally surpassed the rungs of classic movie and turned itself into a standalone genre of culture, which is proven by the insane Postal Service campaign that was unveiled for its anniversary. The Star Wars Vault packs in a whole shit load of photos, artwork, and memorabilia exploring the development and creation of ...

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BMW designs a business jet

The only people that will probably be passengers for the new 787 business jet are the same people that can afford BMW’s automobiles. Meaning, not me. Most likely not you either. But honestly, I envy those guys. They get to travel around and see the world, all in the luxury of BMW beauty. The BMW 787 will contain white leather ...

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New GTA IV artwork revealed

Well, that settles it then. The Russian guy shown in the GTA IV trailer seems to be confirmed through the newest cover of Game Informer magazine. After the release of the uber-hyped Grand Theft Auto IV trailer late last week, speculation was a brewin’ on whether the man featured in the trailer was to be the main character or was ...

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