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Pixelated Door Numbers

There’s no rule that says your house has to use some standard font when it comes to the numbers that hang on your door to identify your address. So spurge a little and plunk down $6 a number for these pixelated, gamer numbers from Art Lebedev. Great coloring completes the look and even from afar your house will already look ...

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Cubism: Square Traffic Light Concept

Traffic lights are an annoying but needed accessory to our daily life. When I used to drive, I’d get incredibly irritated with those new traffic lights that don’t show you what color it is until the last possible second. Now Art Lebedev is hoping to switch things up with these colorful, LED-powered square traffic lights. While red, green and yellow ...

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Defendius Maze Lock: Nobody Ever Goes In, Nobody Ever Comes Out

Mr. Willy Wonka was the king of being secretive. For years, no one went into his factory and no one came out. The Wonka factory was the proverbial elephant in the room. Although his factory was gated off by iron bound bars, it couldn’t hurt to have a little extra security. The 100% titanium alloy Defendius from the Art Lebedev ...

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The Most Absurd Remote Ever Made

Don’t get me wrong, I love a remote that has convenient features, but I also like a remote that’s compact. Unfortunately, the Pultius Remote from Art Lebedev falls a little short in that category. The remote features 99 individual channel buttons and three additional buttons for adding 100, 200, or 300 to the original number. All in all, the user ...

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