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Same Tall Towers, Brand New Windows

Two new buildings are being built in Tinajin, China that are sure to rival the Dubai tower in design. The 1175-foot Sinosteel International Plaza and the 288-foot hotel next to it may not be as tall as the Ultima tower, but they’ve got something to prove with the hexagonal windows installed in them. The windows are placed in such a ...

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Childish apartment complex inspires youth in the elderly…whether they like it or not

Architects Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins, both rather avant-garde artists in their own right, have designed these “reversible destiny” lofts. Simply said, they are frankly one of the weirdest concepts we have ever seen. The houses are specifically built to be uncomfortable. The problem with the elderly these days, other then their horrible stench and their slow driving, is that ...

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