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Iron Man Armor T-Shirt

Some have stated that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this shirt beyond a comic conference or the like, but me? Well let’s just say I’ve been known to rock my Michael Jackson Red Jacket t-shirt out in public with no shame. So really, this could really boost my coolness. The Iron Man 2 Comic Chest T-Shirt, available for around ...

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Iron Man Arc Reactor Tattoo

What sort of extreme measures would you be willing to go through in order to resemble Iron Man? Would you go as far as branding yourself with a tattoo? This Arc Reactor tattoo proves that there’s more to you then just muscle and bones. Is there a superhero in the house? Link [via]

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Be Tony Stark: Iron Man Reactor Replica

You call that cold lump of coal in your chest a heart? Sounds to me like you can use a little cardiac boost. This Arc Reactor film replica fits right into your shrapnel-damaged chest. The replica comes emblazoned with the words “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart.” No, no it really isn’t. You want proof, feel for a pulse. ...

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