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Taste The Rainbow: Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is a fantastic computer for day-to-day use or as a media center box for your TV. Problem is, that anodized aluminum finish can look dull sitting next to all your other gadgets surrounding your television. Spice it up a little with a paint job from Computer Choppers. For a whopping $200, they’ll gladly dye your Mac Mini ...

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Tokyo Flash’s 10 Pack Abdominal Watch

Yet another watch from Tokyo Flash that requires a mathematical formula just to tell time. This is no joke. Telling time on a watch modeled after my bitchin’ 10 pack of abs shouldn’t be a problem so long as you remember what each color of the transitioning LEDs represents. Named the Kisai Tenmetsu, this Tokyo Flash watch joins the club ...

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Father And Son Arduino Flashlight Leash

What better way for a father and son to spend the Thanksgiving weekend together than to build a robot out of a tin can and an Arduino. As far as robots go, this little autonomous aluminum can seeks out light and moves in the direction of it. The creator cleverly refers to this as a “flashlight leash.” With an Arduino, ...

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Warning: Choking Hazard Chair

I’m no stranger to furniture made from recyclables. After all, I write about it all the time and I just so happen to sit on my ass for the same duration. Upon seeing Ryan Frank’s design, pictured above, I immediately thought of how comfortable it would be to pass gas while sitting in it. Well, more comfortable than doing so ...

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CleanBBQ grill liner keeps your food gizzard-free

With and without CleanBBQ Do you think anyone wants to eat off of your grill if there’s blackened beef parts etched onto the grilling surface? Hell no. CleanBBQ offers aluminum grill linings which provide a clean surface every time you fire up the grill for some meat charring. Aside from the fact that it will look a whole hell of ...

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Jetart NP7600W laptop cooler integrates USB for added fuctionality

Laptop cooling pads are nothing new. They all seem to do the same thing in just a slightly different way. In this case, there really is something to differentiate itself from the competition. The Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler has two 2,300RPM cooling fans as well as four USB ports. This works on multiple levels. Say you just bought an ...

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