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Google Estimates That There Are 129,864,880 Books in the World

Google has taken on quite the challenge. They want to catalog the world’s entire collection of tomes using their Google Books application. Every single one. But before they can do that, they need to know what they’re dealing with. And that’s where their engineers come into play. Using Google’s official definition of a book, the company estimates that there are ...

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MD5 Algorithm Hacked By Playstation 3 Cluster

No joke. The MD5 algorithm, which is used widespread around the web for encryption, has been broken. A group of researchers used a cluster of PS3s to create a forged certificate authority, essentially enabling them to break into SSL-encrypted sites. HTTPS? Gone. There is no security. Sure, most of us don’t have 200 Playstation 3s sitting at home but if ...

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Robot acts out your dreams

When we have a dream, the visions we experience remain in our minds and only in our minds, and are more often than not, forgotten quickly. Sleep Waking is a robot which uses recorded brainwaves to re-enact your movements inside of your dreams.

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PayPal Security Keys just hastle users even more

PayPal can’t seem to get a break. Because it is the main payment method of eBay, there are always tons of people trying to hack into the system and exploit flaws. Now, we understand that there shouldn’t be any flaws in the first place, but people shouldn’t be trying to steal other’s identities either. So here is a step that ...

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