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The Ultimate Guide to Nintendo DS Music Apps

We’ve talked previously about how the Nintendo DS can be used in all kinds of fun ways, including both homebrew and music. The fine folks over at Remaincalm.org have rounded up 25 pieces of audio software for your enjoyment. You’ll find everything here: drum machines, sequences, mixers, loopers, bit crush filters, trackers, MIDI interfaces, samplers, synths and so much more. ...

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Midify for the Nintendo DS Available

I stumbled upon the greatest hack/mod/sandwich for the Nintendo DS. It’s called Midify and as any dork or musician could guess, it’s MIDI-related. This little board adds MIDI ports to your DS, allowing Electroplankton to shine at its full potential. Apparently the interface is very easy to work with and mapping triggers shouldn’t be a problem. At $35, DS enthusiasts ...

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Tapdrum MIDI Kit

This project kit is only meant to help get you started but it’s not short on features. If you’ve wanted to create your own SynthAxe-like percussion instrument, just like Futureman from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones did, then this is a great place to start. You’ll need to add your own piezo sensors to use as triggers and can even ...

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