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iPhone Dev Team Predicts End of Days For Jailbreaking

Some sad news is abound. The iPhone Dev Team, the peeps behind all the jailbreaking software you use, say that with the advent of the iPhone 3GS, an unlock IS available but Apple is bound to break it with a software update. Not only that, but the team goes on to say that Apple will eventually find a way to ...

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iPhone 3.0 Released, Download It Now

Update: Doesn’t seem to be showing up on Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 site, but the “Check for updates” button on the iPhone interface on iTunes does the trick. It’s up on the site now! Yipeee! The wait is finally over! Apple has officially released the iPhone 3.0 OS upgrade, which includes copy & paste, MMS, peer-to-peer gaming, tethering plus 100 ...

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Apple Testing Push Notification Service

June is almost upon us, folks. There could be a new Mac or a new iPhone and the iPhone 3.0 OS is about to drop. Exciting! Even more so is that Apple is now having developers test its push-notification service. The Associated Press news app is the first to use it and if you have an ADC account, you can ...

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The iPhone 3.0 OS Update

So yesterday, Apple held one of its little private conferences where they go over some sick new product or service. This time, it was the iPhone 3.0 OS. So much stuff was covered that there’s no time for jokes. Let’s dive right into this shit:

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Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Coming Soon

Next week, on March 17th, Apple will invite several journalists to California to show off a new version of the iPhone OS. It’s rumored to be the 3.0 update, which would bring MMS, copy-and-paste and an improved SDK. Of course, these are all rumors but it’d make sense. Apple is really behind in the game of picture messaging and the ...

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