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Super Mario Mushroom Pumpkin

Confusing title? Absolutely, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. This here is a pumpkin, with the Super Mario Brothers 1UP mushroom carved out and an LED planted in the center. It looks sweet as hell, but even sweeter is that pumpkin they had to scoop out beforehand. Mmmm, pumpkin. Link

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Get Into Bed With The Super Mario Bros.

Oooh baby. Let me see that mustache. Very nice. Here, crawl into bed with me. Mmm, that’s a sexy raccoon tail you have there. How’d you say you got that again? Something about a red leaf now? Nevermind. I want you to do the nasty in front of everyone, I just don’t care. Let Boo and the Goomba watch us. ...

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All the benefits of Mushrooms, without the hallucinations

We all need some stress relief in our life every now and again. Some people choose to accomplish this taking mind-altering substances, such as hallucinogenic mushrooms. Others prefer to squeeze the living hell out of a Super Mario Bros. stress relief mushroom. There are four models to choose from including the 1up mushroom, the poison mushroom, the super mushroom, and ...

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