Survivio: Two Thumbs, Three Grenades, and One Sniper Rifle Up!

We would call Survivio an end-of-day stress reliever. One where you can sit back, relax (kinda), and not have to worry over what’s going on in your reality, because in the moment you’re more concerned with having fun and shooting your opponents.

The whole point of Survivio is to survive. It’s in the name. You are plopped down into a world of brutal 2D firepower and enemies that want to slaughter you because you want to massacre them. Senseless? Maybe. But lots of fun, heaps of strategy, and plenty of time to relax after a strenuous day of catching crap from bosses, teachers, or whoever.

Survivio, which began in October of 2017, has over 100,000 fans and players. Some of whom have been playing since the beginning, so they are seasoned pros at hiding and looting and killing you before you even knew they were there. This is the kind of notoriety you want to strive to gain in the game. Because that makes you the best of the best—and really, that’s the ultimate objective in playing Survivio.

Would you believe that a pair of designers from Reddit are the ones responsible for making Survivio a big hit? Yep. And now, almost a year later, these guys have set up an awesome YouTube channel to keep their fans updated on patches, upcoming updates, and contests. There is even a suggestions portion where gamers can throw in their ideas and, maybe, get them picked for a new patch. So, put your thinking cap on.

The Beautiful Boredom-Busting Concept of an IO Battle Game

IO games have no objectives other than to have fun and play for the sake of playing the game. They are commonly endless, or in short rounds, like Survivio. These kinds of games are awesome boredom busters and stress relievers.

Their game modes are simple and basic, but in ways that help you build strategies and skills with every round that you play. You shouldn’t go into Survivio with the expectation of a clear-cut mission.

Weapons – The Best and the Okay

  • As far as melee weapons go in Survivio, fists are currently the only ones. There have been baseball bat and lead pipe suggestions, but they haven’t made it into gameplay yet. The fists in this game are strong and able to withstand beating down an opponent with a low-powered weapon, but they are no match for high-powered weapons. Make sure you know what your enemy is wielding before you throw down with your fists of fury.
  • There are explosive barrels all over the map, and many of them go unnoticed. This can be used to your advantage. Snag a high-powered weapon, like a long-distance sniper rifle or assault rifle, then wait for your opponents to get close to the barrels. Blast those barrels with your firepower, and watch your enemies get added to your kill count in a flurry of flames.
  • There are short-range weapons, such as pistols and shotguns, but they are best used against someone without a long-distance or high-powered weapon. If you are dealing with someone with a better weapon, you have to keep moving and shooting at the same time to avoid their return firepower.

Side note: Bullets in Survivio are ricochets. And you are surrounded by walls and buildings. Ergo, your shots should be calculated to avoid having a bullet come back to damage you.

Short Intense Rounds + Endless, Quick Queues = Forever on Your Toes

A typical round in lasts for less than 5 minutes, which means each course is intense, brutal, and strategic. You have to come in with your guns lighting up the world, and with some kind of plan in mind. One of the benefits to these quick rounds is quicker revivals.


When you die, you get immediately sent to the endless queue to get put back into the game and try again. In other words, you have about 10 seconds to actually relax before you are back in the action and starting over from square one.

You Can Play as a Solo Killer, Or Find a Troop to Divvy Out Team Damage

There are perks to being both a solo killer or a team in Survivio.


  • You alone get all of the credit for your kills. Ergo, you can rack up your own kill counts and snag your own bragging rights without anyone’s help. If you’re super-independent, the solo soldier mode is your best bet.
  • Solo play means you can be sneakier to get more kills. There are dozens of places to hide, many of which would give your position away if you were traveling with a team. In solo mode, you can be that mysterious sniper that stealthily slaughters your opponent before slinking back into the shadows.


  • Teams offer protection. Think of yourselves as a pack of wolves, roving the countryside. But, you know, armed with guns, grenades, and smoke bombs. Your team has your back and vice versa, so you roam together, shoot together, and count your kills together. It’s a sense of old-school comradery that makes you feel secure. If only for the duration of a five-minute round.
  • Since sneaky and mysterious is hard to do in teams, you and your pack can surround your opponents and pick them off one at a time. Create a circle of death and take down rivals in record time.

Be Sneaky, Not Stupid

When we say stupid here, we mean those gamers that want to hide in the bushes until the main assaults are over and then try to take down the remaining soldier. That doesn’t work in Survivio.

Being smart and sneaky involves strategies, because you can hide temporarily—you know, to reload your gun or regain your focus, but the best course of action is to keep your opponents on their toes with random firepower that picks off surrounding enemies.

Be a ninja, a warrior, or a good soldier—not a coward.

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