Sun Tracker makes sure your whole plant gets some love


It’s no surprise that most household plants end up being crooked because of their affinity for growing towards the sun. This is a sign of novice design. People forget to rotate their potted plants to ensure a steady growth on all sides. The Sun Tracker takes some of the burden off of the plant owner.

The lopsided potted plant gets placed on the Sun Tracker’s platform and slowly rotates to follow the sun’s rays with the plants’ needs. The Sun Tracker has two different speeds (depending on your distance from the equator?) and can hold up to a morbidly obese plant weight of 40 lbs. All you need is 3 C batteries and you’re good to go. Hopefully your plants don’t start calling you off the hook for treating them so well. Check it out and own it for $30. — Andrew Dobrow

Sun Tracker Plant Swivel [Improvements Catalog, via Home Improvement Ideas]

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