Sugar Daddy Websites: 9 Free Sugar Daddy Websites for Finding a Sugar Daddy or Baby

Sugar baby and sugar daddies are a relationship that has been popularised for a while now, it is a mutual arrangement that is beneficial for both parties. However, it is easy to get catfished from fake profiles. If you are a sugar daddy you can be conned by a con girl and if you are a sugar baby you might be stalked. Most importantly it is the wastage of time. 

 This is why we have reviewed a few websites for you to know what are the best sites for you to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, are you ready? Strap on.

9 Best Free Sugar Daddy Websites Reviewed:

These are the top 9 Sugar Daddy websites available on the internet, curated by us through the help of the sugar daddy and baby community. 

1. SeekingArrangement – Best Overall Sugar Daddy Site

Seeking Arrangement is one of the most famous sugar daddy websites out there, it has over 10 million members and it is used in over 139 countries. It lets you pick all sorts of arrangements, you can go for short-term arrangements, platonic arrangements, and even the option for marriage. This website honors your privacy in case you want a no-strings-attached. 

Other Features

  • More women on this app than men
  • A verified wealth of the users available 
  • Verified accounts are available 
  • Option of Video Chatting 
  • Largest numbers of members

Another fun fact about this is that it is 100% Free for sugar babies, the app recognizes sugar daddies based on the subscription they have chosen. The platform has a blog that has a sugar etiquette section available for sugar babies so both parties are supported.

2. Established Men – Good for Steady Relationships

This is known to be one of the safest sites that are available on the market, however, the site doesn’t need the men to be extremely wealthy when it comes to the verification of it but it heeds on the sugar daddies to be established enough to happily spoil the sugar babies. If the sugar daddy is unable to provide the website with the mandatory credentials then they can submit their honest pictures that are checked by the moderators.

Other Features

  • There is an option for Long-term and casual relationships
  • The sugar daddy/baby community here is quite proactive
  • Verified users 
  • Platform is verified 

The website has a warning policy about stalkers and scammers. Most established sugar daddies are usually seeking a casual relationship. This website bans suspicious profiles, this website is quite ideal for sugar daddies who don’t qualify for premium sugar daddy websites but are quite useless for sugar babies.

3. WhatsYourPrice – Best Sugar Daddy Site for Quick Matches

This website has a different format in which wealthy users can place a cash bid on attractive users. The bids are competitive and are done to win a date with the attractive. The website promises fast results and we have been told by the members that most of them end up going on a date with pretty users in less than three days after creating an account.

Other Features

  • No need to create an elaborate profile 
  • Alarming speed of getting dates

4. EliteSingles – Best for successful singles

This one portrays it as a platform that encourages its users to get into a serious relationship, over 85% of its members are over 30 and 85% have a university degree. It has verified accounts from both parties. It has a great matchmaking algorithm that makes its success rate skyrocket.

5. SugarDaddyMeet – Best Site for Verified Sugar Daddies 

This is a great site to meet popular and verified wealthy sugar daddies, the website is quite backward since it only allows women to be sugar babies and men to be sugar daddies, so this one has an amazing pool of great people with wealth and even killing looks but it does not offer you everything. It has verified high-profile folks and the coolest part about this website is that it has sugar daddies from only the 20 richest countries of the world.

Other Features

  • A lot of members 
  • Option to give the first date presents to break the ice 
  • Requires an ID and Verification 
  • Search Options are quite advanced 

This site has 4.5 million members with a lot of men already available on the site making it quite the space for women to dominate.

6. Sudy – Best sugar daddy app

This is one of the only LGBTQ-friendly sugar daddy platforms that are available, it has over 4 million users. You can also find a cougar on this website if you are a young male college student who is looking to be a sugar baby. Not that it is for all genders and sexual orientations it is also very firm on its Anti-Spam Policy. It is one of the best sites out there.

7. AgeMatch – Best Sugar Daddy Site with ZERO Age Restrictions

Agematch has a different format than other sites here, the platform calls itself the age gap meet-up site and allows older men to create a profile on this. Although it has zero-age restrictions, daddies will have to pay for premium membership.

8. RichMeetsBeautiful – Best Sugar Daddy Site for Long Term Relationships

This is for men who are on a different spectrum of age and wealth. This website offers a trial membership that is free and tries to encourage the users for a long-term arrangement with the eventuality of marriage.

Other Features

  • Has more women than men
  • The algorithm used for matching is quite brilliant
  • Available on IOS as well as Android phones 
  • Moderation of this app is very proactive 

The matches are done based on a questionnaire and instead of a casual relationship you can go for marriage here, this is the only website that does that.

9. MissTravel – Best Sugar Baby Site for Traveling

MissTravel is quite ideal for women. It lets them join this one for free. The selling point of this website is that it focuses on attracting rich traveling sugar daddies and lets them pick a sugar baby who can join this website for free. It has a feature that is called “Create a trip” that lets you view different users where you will be going and what you intend to do on the dates.

Other Features

  • Lets Sugar babies travel worldwide 
  • Sugar babies can join for free
  • Sugar babies can have an amazing holiday in exciting locations 


Are sugar daddy sites legal?

A: Yes, as long as the money exchanged is not used to pay for sex. Two adults of legal age are allowed to date casually and have fun. Though, the Sugar daddy should be careful who they trust as sometimes if the relationship doesn’t end well, Sugar babies will resort to blackmail.

It’s best not to disclose too much personal information about who you are to your Sugar babies.

How to get a sugar daddy?

You can get a sugar daddy by using one of the websites we have mentioned in the list. The list has websites that are safe and most of the sites have an anti-catfish policy. The users are all 

Are Sugar Relationships Legal?

Yes, escort services are illegal and sometimes it is easy to confuse sugar arrangements with that but it is not the same, a sugar relationship is like any other relationship.

Who Can Be a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddy is culturally a wealthy older man who can offer financial help to a stereotypically younger much more attractive woman in exchange for her attention and time. The man could be a wealthy businessman, ideally, a CEO and the woman is usually a young college student. Both parties mutually agree on a sugar relationship which involves the sugar daddy offering a monthly allowance that can be made up of cash and kind in exchange for conversation, affection, or other activities that two mutually consenting adults do in a relationship.

Why Do Women Want a Sugar Daddy?

Most women who seek sugar daddies need some extra money, mostly to pay their college debt, and are already working a few jobs. It is just like dating for them but with perks, sugar babies are of all ages and their reason for this kind of lifestyle could be anything.

 How Does a Relationship Work with a Sugar Daddy?

It works like any other arrangement and it completely depends on what the two parties mutually agree on. If the parties agree on sex then it may go there or it could stay platonic, it comes down to what both the parties decide upon. The best would be that you and your sugar partner are on the same page before you decide to take the relationship anywhere. 

What should a Sugar Baby Expect from a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar babies usually want the sugar daddies to take care of them, which means financially so this would mean that the sugar daddy has to be rich. It is not the only thing, of course, age, support and personality are also factors that women look for. In some cases, sugar babies want a token amount of deposit for security purposes. Simply put, sugar babies seek an older man who can pay the baby in exchange for her company and time.

What is a sugar arrangement?

It is best to not confuse sugar arrangements with hookups or escort services. Sugaring is an experience of a partner that you can pay for. Usually has factors of age. The sugar baby is pampered with gifts and other extravagant experiences and the sugar daddy enjoys their company. Not a lot of sites are entertaining this type of relationship, you might have to find the fit for you through our list.

What city has the best sugar daddies?

Economically well-off cities like New York, Huston, Chicago would be the hotspots. The southern states would not have a lot of them however you still shouldn’t underestimate places like Miami, Dallas, Atlantal, and Philadelphia. 

Are sugar daddy websites free for women?

Most of them are, you can also find a sugar daddy on a nonsugar daddy website too, however it is best to pick a site that prioritizes your safety. 

 How much money does a man have to make to be a sugar daddy?

Some websites only have millionaires, so pick a website according to what you can afford. Some websites are not millionaire-themed as well. An average income that you would need is 250k a year, some sites don’t need you to do that but like we said please read up what the site is looking for.


So if you are looking for a relationship that fulfills you in a certain way then sugar arrangements are the go-to relationships for you. 

These sites will help you figure out how exactly you can do that too.

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