How Do Successful Artists Stay At The Top Of Their Game?

5 am will probably find you lying on your bed thinking about the future. You will let your mind fantasize about what would happen if you won the lottery. The places you would go, the things you would buy with a million dollars! The excitement is palpable.

The reality will hit you when the alarm goes off. You will snooze it and change your line of thought. What is SEO going to do for your new site’s rankings? Do you have to change your niche? A few minutes later and you will be back in la la land spending none existent millions.

This is what your favorite artist will be doing, in the meantime.

  • They Ooze Passion For What They Do

Successful artists breathe, live, and sleep their art. They work harder than anyone to get their success, and they do not rest whet they get to the top. Ever heard that phrase that it gets lonely at the top? Well, now you know why.

They think of their art as a full-time job that they hardly take a break from. Okay, they do take breaks, nut even on holiday, most of them will admit to working on ‘that new album’ or ‘those new designs.’ Something is always cooking, and they hardly complain.

  • They Learn

They are always learning about the changing trends in the business. If a new fashion trend happens, they are on top of it. Change in music preference? Well, they will accommodate it. Their minds are willing to embrace something new if it improves their art.

Some things are so etched in an artist that they would be unwilling to change them, lest they lose their originality. Elements such as a rapper’s signature style are for keeps, but they can always fine-tune them to attract a new following.

  • Strong Work Ethic

Do they snooze their alarms? Well, it is the human thing to do, so they sure do, but they allocate time to work, and they do not leave things uncleared to be completed the following day. Most of them have managers who keep them in check so that they can hit their deadlines.

  • They Move on Quickly

Resilience. You cannot dwell too much on spilled milk no, can you? Successful artists know that things will not always work in their favor, and so what do they do? They lick their wounds and move on. The winter line did not do that well, or a painting Picasso wannabe spent 100 hours on was not received as they had hoped? Well, they will probably mop for a week, or longer, but after that, they will tap onto their creative juices and get going. Failure only makes you better, no?

  • They Choose Their Circles Wisely

One of these fine days, be in the company of a negative person. Spend the day allowing their negative energy to influence you, and then journalize the events of the day. Negative energy does nothing for your creativity unless of course, you are a sadist.

Back to your art: you snooze you lose. Hang around people that challenge and make you a better artist.

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