Steps to Find Out when you Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

Even with an increase in OTT (Over the top)  platforms, YouTube remains widespread and a source of entertainment for many. The source of content, music, celebrity videos, comments, and a platform to interact with people all over the world. Apart from this, it is a medium that is highly influential and has billions of users across the globe. 

The most considerable part of this platform is that it is free but with too many advertisements. To remove these advertisements, one needs to pay for this aspect. Apart from this, there is content you need to pay to see, like some movies or videos by content creators. None the less there is a varied scale of free content. 


You can find videos on anything and everything. You get to communicate with people who have a similar interest to you. YouTube is the most accessible platform present; anything you need is to click away from recipes, tutorials, and random conspiracy videos. 

You can make your content by setting up a channel and getting your talent and ideas out there. Go comment on other channels’ works to start a discussion there like others comments or reply to them. Sometimes these comment sections are so entertaining and would provide a good laugh. 

One of the biggest questions is if you can see the video you watched earlier again. We say Yes, YouTube has many settings and features where you can form your folders or add to watch later. Apart from this, it provides the option of going through your history on the website itself. 

To keep up with content, YouTube provides a notification to the videos uploaded to channels. But, this would be sent when you subscribe to a particular channel. If you have watched videos on YouTube of YouTubers, they would typically ask you to ‘like, subscribe and press the bell icon.” The subscription makes the channel more accessible, as it would be on your list. Furthermore, it would support the content creator and keep you posted. 

With the subscribed content, the algorithm of YouTube recommends videos to you. This recommendation is made after watching your history and subscription list. There have been times when one doesn’t know that they have subscribed to that channel and want to know when they subscribe to it. Hence, we bring you a step-by-step process to find out when you subscribe to a channel. 

Way to Find out when you subscribed to a Channel

There would be times when you came across a video from the same channel repeatedly and realized you had subscribed to it. Unaware of when you subscribe to it, and not sure how long you have been getting this content, you are determined to unravel this mystery. 

This situation might not be the case with everyone. Some might want to find out how long one has been invested in the videos from a particular channel. To understand how the channel has evolved and how long they have been a fan of the page. 

While others might be debating with their friends on who has been following the channel longer and try to prove themselves as a loyal fan, 

Hence finding this kind of information can make you a winner and self-evaluate your interests. The most significant way to solve this is by finding out the exact date when you subscribed to the channel. 

To determine the exact date of when you subscribe to a particular channel, you need first to make sure that your subscription is private. If it is not private, then that’s good; another side you need to change this setting for the steps to work. To change the privacy settings, all you need to do is: 

  • Go to your profile on YouTube and find the settings icon. 
  • Once found, click on the icon and find Privacy and select it. 
  • There will be an optician provided to you saying “Keep all my subscriptions private” uncheck that item. This setting makes your subscriptions visible to everyone and more accessible for a third party to see the date you started following a channel. 

Once done, and out of the way, you can proceed to complete the mission that you have tried to achieve. To find the date of the subscription, all you need to do now is :

  • Type the URL  and go to this site, as this will unravel your mystery. 
  • Go back to your channel and copy the URL of it. You can access this URL that is available before the question mark on the channel. 
  • Once coped, you have to only paste it in the box provided in the above link, once pasted select Continue. 
  • You have access to all your subscription dates and can flaunt your way through to your friend or feel nostalgic about your experience with the YouTuber. 

Final Thoughts 

YouTube is not just a platform rather an emotion. All the starts and influencers you know on Instagram have gone ahead and made a YouTube channel, or you know them from their youtube channel. Go ahead and feel free to use the steps and evaluate your journey with YouTube. 

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