Study on Clinical Stress May Have Led to Cure for Baldness

In an age where cancers, AIDS and other debilitating diseases ravage a good percentage of our population, medical science has been making vital and important breakthroughs in the fields of boners and hair. This does not change that trend in the least, but at least this was a happy accident. You see, scientists attempting to find a way to reduce the more harmful effects of chronic stress may have inadvertently come across a cure for baldness.

A cure. For baldness.

The UCLA team, led by Yvette Tache, was looking at the way stress affects living organisms. During their tests the mice lost their hair. It’s one of those side-effects of making scientific progress. But when the science team injected the mice with a compound that blocked the receptors that reacted with the hormone CRF (corticotropin-releasing factor), a funny thing happened: the mice grew their hair back.

Some of the greatest breakthroughs in scientific history have been made by complete accident, and while I am hesitant to put this up there with the all-time great scientific discoveries, it could lead to a cure for hair loss. No matter how you slice it, that’s pretty cool.

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