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Based on the trending YouTube video “David after the dentist”, Bosch launches “What David really saw” to promote their series of wiper blades. In the video, the wipers clear David’s view and thus Bosch wants to advertise their series of wiper blades, in particular their flat blades.

The new Bosch flat blades are a much-improved version of their previous models. Why? Because Bosch used a whole different technology to make these new Flat Wiper Blades even more effective.

The new Flat Wiper Blades are always dependable even at high speeds when perfect visibility is crucial. The Bosch Wiper blades guarantee a clear view and perfect wiper action, even under extreme weather conditions.

The Bosch Wiper Blades:

  • Beam technology
  • dual rubber process
  • Quiet-Glide™ micro-finish wiping edge
  • DirectConnect™ one-step installation system

Bosch has used the beam technology to create three new products:

  • ICON Wiper Blades: up to 40% longer life
  • Evolution Wiper Blades: exceptional visibility in any weather
  • Clear Advantage: a clear advantage

Now you can easily find the set of wiper blades that best fits your car, without having to settle for a pair of wiper blades that only goes halfway of your windshield. The new Bosch Wiper Blades are fully customizable – all you need to do is find the model that best suits your car size and system.

Easy Wiper Replacement

Wiper replacement is much easier with the new Bosch wiper blades. You can do it in 3 simple steps:

  • Pick the right fit from the four different adapters.
  • Clip that adapter onto the wiper blade.
  • Put the wiper blade together and fit it with the car.

The new Bosch Wiper Blades will make the sight from inside your car crystal clear in just 5 minutes. These new aerodynamic wiper blades do not rattle or make any noises. They do the job smoothly and perfectly, fitting right into the image of your car.

These wipers span the entire length of your windshield and can wipe off rain, mud, dust or anything else that might get collected. Unlike other wipers, the Bosch Wiper Blades won’t leave any residue, stains or dried marks on your glass. You will literally have nothing to complain about.

Get Your Wiper Blades Now!

The new Bosch Wiper Blades are an excellent upgrade to a new and exciting model of wiper blades that will make you feel safer and more comfortable in your car. Being the leader of the herd, Bosch wiper blades are unique in design, technology and performance.

Choose the new Bosch Wiper Blades: the most solid wiper series ever!

This post has been sponsored by Bosch ™, but it exclusively reflects my own opinion.

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