SpeckTone Retro gives the Apple Hi-Fi a one-two punch right to the subwoofer

specktone retro

How many of you have the new Apple Hi-Fi? Really? Probably not too many. While it looks nice, it carries a price tag just about as large as the actual stereo. Apple describes it as having a “clean, compact design”. It is clean, but it’s far too big, even if it sounds amazing.

Speck Products has released their SpeckTone Retro that fixes both the size and price problems. Its sleek design can compete with the best (ie. Apple), while contrasting against how the competitors looks. Most devices/add-ons for Apple products have the rounded corners and white color style that Apple made so popular, but the SpeckTone Retro has sharp geometric corners with a high gloss piano finish (black or white). The sharp corners seem very appropriate; they blend in well with the new 5G iPod’s flat face. The Retro is compatible with the iPod (4&5 G), iPod Photo, iPod Mini, and iPod Nano. This stereo costs only $99 and comes with a 90 day warranty. This baby puts out 28 watts and has a 4\” subwoofer on its bottom. — Nik Gomez

Speck Products releases a groovy iPod Hi-Fi competitor [SlashGear]

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