Some Good Reasons To Pick The Moissanite As An Alternate To Diamond

Jewelry is one of the most loved ones by anyone, especially by women in the world. Usually, the jewelry is made up of gold and diamond. Jewelry made up of gold is common but diamond jewelry is emerging now in recent times. Whoever loves diamond jewelry should know the impact of that on their lifestyle. As we all know diamond is one of the costlier and rarely available gemstones that existed in less quantity.  Due to these factors, the availability and also accessibility of the diamond are rare. In our world, for anything, there is an alternate that exists. Similarly, for rarely available diamonds, there is an alternate called moissanite. 

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a kind of gemstone that is more similar to diamond but not the same. This stone is naturally available and also can be prepared in the laboratory. The laboratory-prepared moissanite is called synthetic gemstone which is allowed to tailor the property and shape. Almost all the properties of the moissanite is matching with the diamond hence this is used as an alternate. Especially its refractive index matches with the diamond which is the foremost reason for its brilliance and fire as in the diamond. If anyone is wearing jewelry made up of the moissanite then definitely the debate will start whether it is diamond or moissanite. Further, let us see some of the benefits of this synthetic gemstone. 

Benefits of Moissanite Gemstone:

There are many gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald available on the market. The attractive properties as well as a few good reasons make the moissanite gemstone the best pick over them. Here are some of those good reasons. 

In general, the quality can be determined based on one of the important factors called durability. The moissanite possesses excellent durability because of this extreme hardness property as this gemstone is comprised of materials called silicon carbide and carbon. It will not break or get scratched if it falls down. It has the ability to stand the pressure, heat, tear, and wear in any conditions hence this is one of the best reasons to pick as an alternate for diamond. 

Quality Gemstones


In general, the diamond weighs heavy compared to moissanite. It is around a hundred times more than the moissanite. Also, the large size of the diamond is occupy more space. The same brilliance and fire of the diamond can be get with moissanite along with one by the tenth size of a diamond. This lightweight property is a good reason to pick this in jewelry making. 

Easy Cleaning

The diamond present in the jewelry is very difficult to clean because it can easily get dirty. But the moissanite in the jewelry is allowed to clean easily the dirt. Simply wipe the gemstone with a soft cloth to remove the dirt from it. Hence maintenance will be a very simple and easy process compared to the diamond. 


Moissanite costs very less compared to diamond. It charges only less than half of the price of diamonds. Hence compared to diamond the moissanite gemstone is more affordable to anyone where the brilliance and fire are the same. 

Based on the above-said reasons the moissanite receives attraction from many people around the world. The jewel makers also showing interest in this making and marketing it. In that line, Moissaniteco is the one which is focusing on the jewelry made up of the moissanite. They are focusing on a wide variety of jewel-like rings, pendants, earrings, and also bracelets. Whoever loves the moissanite jewels can visit their official site and get all the details to make an order to procure.

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