Social Shopping With Pikaba

If you’re an avid shopper then the chances are that you already know all about In case you don’t though, we want to tell you a little bit about this social shopping solution because quite honestly, it’s a great way to search a vast number of providers.


Pikaba works by connecting buyers with local businesses to help them to find just what they’re looking for! As a buyer it’s possible to post a request or search through existing products, stores and service providers.

What’s so special about Pikaba? Compared to other online buying forums, Pikaba offers something a little different. Shoppers can ask for just about anything they are looking for and receive multiple offers and deals from different sellers. After offers have been received, buyers can choose the best offer as well as share them with friends!

The social networking aspect of Pikaba is also a great way to shop with friends in the comfort of your own home. Begin buying groups using Pikaba and once friends have joined merchant offers get better and better!

Pikaba For Sellers

Pikaba isn’t just for buyers though, if you are a small business or seller then Pikaba has a solution for you too. Using a white label solution, Pikaba allows sellers to create their own stores in order to get qualified leads in real time.

Sellers can upload products to their store within minutes as well as post coupons and deals to encourage more buyers. Plus, Pikaba allows sellers to engage in real time with potential buyers in order to increase sales in a way that no other site does.

Pikaba also offers a wide range of merchant tools to users including: the ability to boost social media and SEO efforts, the ability to offer group only discounts, a leads generator platform and the ability to promote deals, events and various product updates.

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