Should You Use A Cable Material For The Stair Handrail?

Cable railings are a material that has been commercially used for quite some time now. Many commercial establishments use it because of its strength and durability. Not to mention, cable railing is sleek, which is perfect for the modern minimalist-industrial look. Today, cable railing is not only used in commercial establishments. It is also used in residential projects such as stair railing.


What is a cable railing?

A cable railing uses a cable wire to provide support and stability. It perfectly fits a modern design structure as it uses a metal post and handrails. It can also be matched with a wood stair should you wish to achieve a more customized look. There is also a stainless steel cable rail which makes it perfect for both interior and exterior railing. In fact, it is a more affordable choice because of its strong luxurious appeal, durability, and reasonable cost.

What are the different types of cable railing?

A cable railing is a perfect option for stair railing in both residential and commercial establishments. It can be used inside and outside of the establishment. The typical cable railing has horizontal runs of cable. The space in every cable strictly adheres to the building code requirement. The cables are tensioned to snug in place. The ideal spaces between cable railing posts are not more than 4 inches.

When it comes to compatible post materials, there are a variety of choices such as stainless steel, aluminum, and wood. There is a difference between the above-mentioned materials but the most obvious is the aesthetic and ambiance. If you want to achieve an industrial feel, then you can use a metal cable railing system using a stainless steel post. For a more traditional feel, you can pair the cable railing with a wooden post.

Why use a cable railing for your stairway?

  • A cable railing which functions as a stair handrail preserves and enhances the view around the area of architecture
  • A cable railing as a stair handrail is sleek in design, which is perfect when working with a small space. It makes a small space appear bigger. Even those big areas are further enhanced by simply using a cable stair handrail. 
  • It has a modern aesthetic appeal, which makes it a superior alternative to a traditional railing. 
  • It is a flexible material. You can use it with any type of material. You can pair it with a stainless steel post if you want to achieve an urban style. For natural warmth, you can use a hardwood post. 
  • A cable wire used as a handrail provides natural strength and has architectural integrity. If you are looking for a handrail that is worth your penny, then you can never go wrong with a cable wire. It is reasonably priced and can easily be paired with any materials of choice. No wonder why more and more people are using cable wire not only as a handrail but as a railing in their deck and other areas of the house. 

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