Shell Shockers: We Love the Smell of Combative Eggs in the Mornings!

Shell shockers

Fried, scrambled, whipped, or simply beaten—there’s no doubt eggs are delicious. But have you ever thought about arming one with a heavy machine gun and stepping into a virtual world of other combative chicken apples? This game introduces you to the ranks of Free Rangers, Scramblers, and Soldiers, each armed with a different weapon to decimate their fellow eggs. Pick your character, join a live game, and take a crack at Shell Shockers.

Eggs—You’re It!

Shell Shockers is a fun, addictive mash-up of a classic first-person shooter and a 3D game. Only out since late 2017, the concept is cool, but the graphics are still a little rough. However, this only adds to the simple excitement that comes from being an awesome, armed egg on the prowl for other white-shelled ovals.

Egg shooter

To start, pick a character. There are three eggs: Free Ranger, Soldier, and Scrambler. Each character comes with their own unique weapon, from heavy machine guns, to sniper rifles, and shotguns. You can even pick up new weapons, like close-range handguns and grenades, in the game.

Keep an eye on the stats though because each character also has as many weaknesses as strengths. You might get an egg that lacks in accuracy but shines in damage. Or, you could be stuck with a rogue Free Ranger with excellent accuracy, damage, and range, but horrible timing and control. This makes your gameplay different each time you start a new round.

Controls are simple to learn but take a moment to master when you have one egg after another trying to crack your shell. WASD moves your eggy forwards, backwards, and side to side, while spacebar gives you a boost onto platforms. Use the right mouse button to fire and move the whole mouse to focus and aim.

How to Make Gameplay Eggs-tra Special

The concept of Shell Shockers is a basic one: scramble or be scrambled. The objective is to smash as many eggs as possible. But you can make gameplay more so interesting when you play with friends. Log in to Facebook to challenge your buds to a combative egg-off. You can play alongside them in a private game of your design. Or, play separately them compare your scores to gauge who’s the best of the best.


Another way to spice up gameplay is to jot down a punny name for yourself. When you kill another egg, your username pops up to let them know that you shocked their shell. Give them a giggle with a creative, pun-tastic name that shows off your battlefield prowess and your sense of humor.

Play Shell Shockers on Poki Anytime, Anywhere!

Shell Shockers can be found on various interweb platforms, but Poki has the monopoly on safe, secure gaming sites. You can play Shell Shockers anytime, anywhere, as Poki uses a smooth platform that offers seamless, safe gameplay from multiple devices. All you need is internet access and some time to shoot down a few eggs.

Walkthrough or Wing It?

Poki offers a walkthrough and instructions of how to play Shell Shockers. You can watch the detailed video and pick up a few tricks along the way. Or, you could be brave and wing your first gameplay. Which will it be? Are you a good egg fit to be prepared for everything that comes your way? Or, are you a rebel egg with a sense of direction and something to prove?

Multiple egg shooter

For those winging it, don’t worry. The game is super-cool with simple concepts, basic graphics, and lots of places to hide from those EggK-47 shots while you master your moves. Or, if you’re feeling froggy, you could always just throw your shell into the action.

The Perfect Way to Crack Your Tension

When life gets a little too hectic, it’s nice to have a game that you can turn to for stress relief at the end of a long day. Let Shell Shockers be that for you! This game will certainly “crack” your tension, while offering you a chance to focus on something other than work, school, or the stresses of everyday life.

Is there a right time to play? As much as we would love to say ALL THE TIME, that’s simply not reality. Thus, the best time to play Shell Shockers is whenever you want to unwind and have an hour of downtime. Regardless of what time it is where you are, there are active game servers for Shell Shockers in multiple locations around the world. Ergo, there will always be somebody, somewhere to play with.

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