Seriously, Sirius Radio is seriously portable

sirius stiletto sl10

If your a serious Sirius fan, and seriously want your Sirius radio service to be everywhere that you are, but don’t want to dish out the serious money for the Sirius Stiletto 100, the Sirius Stiletto 10 might make you feel a little less Sirius. The new Stiletto 10, at a much more reasonable price of $250, gives you reception to Sirius everywhere, well almost anywhere. If you are going to be in any underground mine shafts, the Stiletto is not recommended.

The Stiletto acts as a mini-Tivo style radio by recording up to 10 hours of your favorite radio stations automatically, while the Sirius Replay function allows you to rewind the last hour of live radio. It even alerts you when a favorite artist is playing on one of their stations. And with the scheduled recording function, with up to 6 hours of storage to go with it, you’ll never miss Howard Stern again. This looks like something to add to your wishlist, fellow gearheads. Seriously. — Andrew Dobrow

Sirius Stiletto SL10 [via Orbitcast]

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