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DIY Halloween: Be Your Mii

Simple, yet effective. With a few artistic talents and some old junk you likely have laying around the house anyway, you can create your own Nintendo Mii costume. This guy used some spare cardboard to fashion a tennis racket and little red rubber buffers as peg hands. The solid red t-shirt seals the deal. I imagine the mask is simple ...

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Mii Cupcakes

Delicious but not nutritious! If these cupcakes are anything like the Wii, you’ll love them when you first get them and after a few weeks, they’ll sit on your kitchen counter growing stale by the minute. Or should I say miinute? Ha! Get it? I’ll see you in hell. Link

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“Mii love you long time” T-Shirt: Wii love it!

Humor degrading any certain sect of culture is just the best. You can’t help but laugh at something like this nerdy tee with the words “Mii love you long time” emblazoned on them. Not only does this rip on woman, but totally destroys the Asian take on English. Or as you might call it, Engrish. We hate to laugh at ...

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I now pronounce you, Mii and Mii. You may kiss the Wii.

Gamer geeks have got to stick together. Sometimes, this even means getting married. And what would be a gamer wedding without gamer props? A couple getting married commissioned a pair of Mii figurines which will replace the typical bride and groom figures placed on top of the wedding cake. These Mii figurines are a product of MiiSculpture, a company which ...

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Hey, do I look like Miiself?

Elder gamer website has a cool gallery of photos of people standing next to their Wii Mii characters. There’s also a few children thrown in as well. Byproducts of the elder gamers, we guess. — Andrew Dobrow Link [via]

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User-Friendly Forms: Examples of Contact Forms, Surveys, and Lead Generation Widgets

Examples of Contact Forms, Surveys, and Lead Generation Widgets

Widgets are now essential elements of modern web design, enhancing user engagement and website functionality. They serve as invaluable tools for web developers and designers striving to create seamless user experiences. In this piece, we explore the world of website widgets, their advantages, and their artful integration, drawing inspiration from exemplary widget examples. What is a Widget on a Website? ...

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8 Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams


Hiring dedicated development teams is becoming increasingly popular as companies look to take advantage of the cost savings and improved efficiency that come with having a dedicated team working on their project.  Having a dedicated development team gives companies access to experts in specific areas such as web development, mobile app development, and software engineering. This ensures that projects are ...

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The Best Controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2024

game controller

By far the biggest and greatest fighting game on Nintendo is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Many have been waiting for such a great game to play since other games like Smash Brawl and Smash Melee came out. This is the fifth instalment in the series and one of the best ones to date. Players can play Super Smash Bros. ...

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How To Turn a Trashcan Into a Stormtrooper Helmet

This week in cheap Stormtrooper costume ideas, we examine Jason’s Stormtrooper trash bin helmet, an idea he was forced to employ after a student of� his promised to lend him a costume for a school event, yet failed to deliver. In a blind panic, Jason grabbed the closest object within arm’s reach and improvised. Here is what you’ll need according ...

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