Save up for a gadget and then drop the bomb


Designer Art Lebedev is offering a nifty little gadget for saving up money for just about anything. For our purposes, lets say it’s an iPhone. Hey, it’s just a hunch. The Superbitus Money Box is a bomb shaped money saving device. A cool gadget to remind you of your ultimate saving goals.

Our favorite thing about the Superbitus is that it comes with a white marker to write on the money box the item you are saving for. It serves the purpose of reminding you of your saving goal which we guess is a motivational tool for saving. And when the time comes to buy? Bombs away! Just smash the thing open.

And look on the bright side. Only $25 a week or so and you’ll have enough for an iPhone by release. Joy!


Andrew Dobrow

Superbitus money box [Art Lebedev, via Wireless Is Fun]

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