Sanyo’s NEO electric shaver is not all about the looks

sanyo t-solid neo sv-ns1

Sanyo has started selling the expensive-looking T-SOLID SV-NS1 electric shaver before Christmas, claiming that it was the best-looking electric shaver they have ever made. The Impress team took it for a spin and liked what they saw. First off the whole redesigned handle and the slanted angle all turn out to be really ergonomic. The best part is perhaps the little door that you can open and flush water in to wash the blade without taking the whole head off, but when you take it off, the parts may appear flimsy sometimes. The T-SOLID shaver is selling for  $90 right now in Japan, which is “good-value” by Japanese standard, our guess is that 30 bucks has gone to the design. Do check out that little door after the jump.

sanyo t-solid neo sv-ns1

Sam Chan

Sanyo T-SOLID NEO SV-NS1 review [Impress]

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