IS Samsung Galaxy S7 the Best Smartphone of 2016?

Is the new Samsung Galaxy phone another flagship model, or does it really cater to some good features?
Samsung S7 maybe just the best phone of the year passed by. With a sleek, water-proof design, Samsung has outdone all its predecessors and produced a Smartphone that is worth spending a lot of money. So what makes this Samsung phone different than the rest?

  • While the designs of S6 and S7 aren’t really different, you can still pretty easily tell which is which. One of the most notable feature in the new S7 is that the sides curve rather slightly, slipping really softly into the palm. The front and back are covered with Gorilla Glass 4, and the way the sides mix into the glass, looks classy and stylish.
  • IP68 water resistance has been brought back, without any forced changes to the design. You can put a Samsung S7 into 1m deep water for about 30 minutes, without causing any damage.
  • These days, the new Smartphone are thinner, but S7 is marginally thicker than all the other Samsung phones, feels heavy and expensive on the palm, and does not break easily even if you drop it about 4 foot onto the ground.
  • It is roughly of the same size as iPhone 6S, but has a larger display, a 5.1-inch display, as compared to a 4.7-inch 6S display. The phone doesn’t feel like a tablet, instead compact and easier to hold.
  • The display is perfection, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, and uses AMOLED display, rather than the very common LCDs. Unlike the LCDs, which look slightly grey and washed out, these AMOLED displays are inky deep black.
  • So many pixels are jammed into such little space, that it is difficult to separate one pixel from the other, and this sharpness makes watching videos and gaming an absolute delight.
  • Even when the screen is locked, it can still show time, date and couple of other things, without eating up much battery.
  • The home button is housed with a really fast and accurate fingerprint sensor.
  • There is a new, reversible USB-C connector and an expanded MicroSD.
  • The other features include really fast and wireless charging, a 4GB RAM, Exynos 8890 processor, a 5MP selfies camera for all the selfies lovers out there, and the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Do we qualify the new Samsung Galaxy S7 as the best phone of 2016? Undoubtedly.

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