The Rise of Video Conferencing

With changes in technology come changes to the everyday elements of life. The workplace environment is almost unrecognisable from even 20 years ago and it could be set to change completely once again.

Video and teleconferencing have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with more people converting to this means of communication than ever before. From connecting with friends around the world to holding video interviews, it has never been easier for people to get in touch with those who otherwise they might not be able to meet.


Video conferencing has already begun to come into the work place as interviews with those living in different parts of the country are easily held, taking advantage of the technology that allows them to communicate effectively.

Meanwhile, some businesses are choosing to save money and time on the expense of traveling to meet clients whilst still enjoying the benefits of a face-to-face conversation. Video conferencing has brought the world together for an incredibly small cost.

How will video conferencing continue to develop in the workplace? Chances are that it will become a much more prominent part of the day-to-day workings of the standard office. Whether it’s communicating with other branches or talking to clients, video conferencing is set to become huge.

What the experts believe

Of course it is up to the bosses and those who run companies to decide whether or not to take advantage of this incredibly useful technology. Many company bosses are seeing the benefits of video conferencing already and are looking forward to a time when it becomes a standard part of work life.

Could desk phones become a thing of the past as every employee is given access to their own personal video conferencing programme? Well, 65% of CIOs certainly believe so, and that’s just the beginning.

Read the following infographic from Powwownow to discover just what the business leaders of today see for the future of video conferencing.

Source: The Rise of Video Conferencing

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