Ride The Easy Glider in Spain

Easy Glider X6 is a four-year-old personal transportation device that’s like the demon love child of a Segway and a tricycle. stand on a two-wheeled platform and steer the glider using handlebars connected to an electrically powered single wheel. Easy Glider’s design allows riders to make sharp turns without losing balance. Last month, a tour company called Easy Gadir started renting the bikes in the Spanish beach towns of Malaga and Cadiz.

During my time in Seville I used my Eurail pass to take a quick train trip to Cadiz where I saw the Easy Glider in action. Read more to see exclusive photos and video of the Easy Glider doing it’s thing in Cadiz.

Easy Gadir charges 10 euros per half hour to ride the gliders, they also offer gliders for sale for 850 euros or 394 euros for a smaller kids model. Gliders have an electric engine that allows for a top speed of 12.4 mph. With a pair of batteries the engine is able to run for two-and-a-half hours with each charge.

Gliders are controlled via a motorcycle-style throttle and handbrake:

There’s also an emergency pedal brake on the platform:

Easy Gadir’s rep in Cadiz told me they’ve never had an accident. She said anyone can use the gliders and they’re safer than bikes on Cadiz’ old-school cobblestone streets.

It looks like the Toyota winglet isn’t the Segway’s only competition when it comes to futuristic personal transportation devices!

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