Review: 3 Website Builders to Get Your Workspace Online

When looking for a website builder that will quickly take your business online, you should be concerned with the ease with which you can learn and use the platform. Also, in this world of site builders, there are those that are popular and those that aren’t. This does not mean that the less popular ones are any inferior. It’s a matter of preference because each one of the site builders has a unique approach to design, building, as well as when it comes to editing a site. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide which of the 3 website builders will fit your preference.

1 Wix

Wix is considered one of the best site builders currently available in the market. Although it’s a little bit complex, it has more advanced features and a better e-commerce platform for selling. Wix now comes with clean/semantic URLs for every page of your site. In addition to this, there are numerous templates offered on this platform across 70 different categories.

To customize your site the way you like, you only need to take advantage of the easy drag-and-drop functionality of the platform. It is also a great option for beginners who are seeking for an easy, managed solution for hosting their site. And considering the fact that it has about 63 million users globally, one can say that Wix is quite popular. You can start your website for free on this platform but then upgrade to their paid plan starting $4 a month.

2 SiteBuilder

This platform is simple and intuitive even for beginners. Their aim was to make a platform that would be easy for everyone to use when setting up a website, even if they knew nothing about coding.

Like Wix, SiteBuilder has all the tools needed for an individual to start and publish content on their website. A basic e-commerce store is also included too. Finding the perfect design is always a click away because they have the largest selection of pre-made web templates. To unlock all professional features of this platform, one would need to upgrade by paying $9 per month. This would give them a custom domain and full access of the features contained therein.

3 Weebly

A website builder like Weebly is popular with e-commerce stores. Although Weebly is less intuitive when compared to the above 2 options, it has great plans for those who want to buy ecommerce site packages.

Also, they have a business plan which is pricey but offers everything that you will ever need in a professional store. This plan costs $25 a month. The process of signing up is easy. Getting started is equally easy if you are already familiar with the platform. However, one setback that people have mentioned is that Weebly has very limited number of themes. But if this isn’t a problem, upgrading to a paid version is worth it.

These 3 site builders are very popular on the internet. They offer almost the same features, although pricing and usability varies. Therefore, start with a free plan and get a hang of it, then decide whether or not you will upgrade to paid hosting.

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