Should You Repair or Sell Your Damaged Vehicle?

Car ownership is a dream come true for those who’ve recently reached the legal driving age limit, but nobody truly appreciates how expensive vehicle ownership is until they experience it for themselves. We’re all told by seasoned motorists that purchasing and running car is a significant financial burden, but we prefer not to listen to them during our early driving years because we’re too eager to get on the road. However, at some point or another, your car will run into problems, and you’ll have to decide whether to pay for repairs or replace your vehicle.

Your car may be your pride and joy, but you still need to know where to draw the line regarding repairs. The price of some fixes outweighs the value of your car in certain situations, and there’s no point pumping investment into a vehicle that’s on its last legs. Below, this article discusses the most expensive repair jobs to help you decide whether to fix or ditch your car.

Think Twice about Repairing Severe Vehicle Issues

You shouldn’t assume that it’s cheaper to repair your vehicle than buying a new one, especially if you have an old car. Here are the most expensive repair jobs that you might want to avoid paying for by selling your car instead.

Engine and Cylinders

If a mechanic says you have a seized engine, you can expect the repairs to cost anywhere between $7,000 and $10,000, possibly cheaper if you can find a second-hand engine in good condition. You should always consider the current value of your vehicle before paying for repairs that might not be worth the investment, especially when you can buy used cars for a lower price. Common signs of exhaust problems include reduced fuel efficiency, burning oil, excessive smoke from the exhaust, and knocking noises.

Hybrid Car Batteries

It’s nice to imagine a world where all cars run on electricity, but hybrid batteries are still in their early years of development, and they can be expensive to replace. You may have to pay upwards of $6,000 for a new hybrid battery, which is alarming when you consider the fact that this relatively modern invention rarely lasts more than ten years.


Your car’s transmission system requires many parts to work at the same time, and fixing issues can cost upwards of $4,000. The transmission is responsible for transferring power from your car’s engine to the driveshaft, and the components involved in this process experience a lot of wear and tear. If you notice your clutch dragging, gears shifting, or a burning smell after parking your car, you shouldn’t be shocked when the mechanic tells you the surprisingly high cost of repairs.


As surprising as this sounds, airbags cost a lot of money despite their incredible life-saving capabilities. It can cost up to $4,000 to replace a deployed airbag when you factor in the potential damage caused to the dashboard and glove box. Of course, if your airbags have deployed, you may need to pay for other repairs depending on your accident, meaning selling your car might be a smarter option.


Unfortunately, not all roads are made equal, and many are in need of desperate repair. All those bumps and potholes don’t do any favors for your suspension, and replacing your suspension’s component can cost as much as $3,500. Suspension systems contain many different parts, including control arms, tie rods, struts, springs, and shocks, but if your whole suspension system needs replacing, you can expect to receive a huge bill.


Camshafts control how vehicles take in air, and they can become clogged with debris and dirt over time, especially if a previous car own has neglected maintenance. If you find yourself in a situation where your camshaft needs replacing, you might be looking at a repair price tag of up to $3,000.

You Can Sell Your Car for Cash Regardless of Its Condition

Many companies operating across the USA will buy your car even if it isn’t roadworthy because they can make a profit from spare parts and scrap metal. Instead of paying through the roof to repair a vehicle that might not have much time left anyway, it’s worth contacting such a company to find out how much your car is worth within seconds – even if it won’t start.

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