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To much of our knowledge, it is quite a well-known story how China is spreading its technical market in India. Being the world’s largest developer of smartphones, China is ruling the world by offering the cheapest and the best electronic products. Xiaomi, one of the smartphone companies which is presently at the top rank in the world, had started its market in China in 2011. By 2014,it became the most valuable technology startup after receiving a stunning funding of 1.1 billion US dollars from the investors. Two of its phones which are recently launched by the former have gained their market share and reached up to the customers’ expectations. But which one, between Redmi note 3 and Mi 4, is the best? Let’s check out.


Redmi Note 3 and Mi 4 Comparison

While most of the specifications match each other, there lie some hairline distinctions between the two. First, comes the price. The price of redmi note 3 is 12k while that of Mi 4 is 9k. Well, this certainly defines that the former will certainly have better features than the latter. But Mi 4 starts the fight by having a 38% faster CPU than note 3, which means Mi 4 users are going to have smoother experiences but with a limitation of one sim at a single time.

With dual sim affordability, note 3 has an inbuilt hexa core processor while the Mi 4 rests on just a quad core. More core allows performing multitasking with equal speed and fluency. Still, who wants to use a phone with the relatable weight of Big Show? Mi4 is 9% lighter than note 3 which makes it usable even with skinny arms. Screen size, however, is 5.5 inches in note 3 and 5 inches in Mi 4 and we all know that gaming and watching movies on a bigger screen is a healthier experience. But sharing is also an essential part of our daily lives and in smartphones as well. DLNA is a feature which allows sharing your data with more speed and this is only available in mi 4 and not in note 3.

Apparently, if you are a business class personality then you can be well acquainted with the 4G data rates. Redmi note 3 supports and mi 4 doesn’t. Along with more inbuilt memory of 32 GB, note 3 gives you a better resolution camera of 16 megapixels while Mi r keeps it short to 16 and 13 respectively. The funnier side of Mi 4 is despite having lower inbuilt memory, it doesn’t have an external sd card slot as well.

The final word

Now, that is going to be a major drawback. With bigger specifications, of course, comes bigger battery. Note 3 is installed with a 4050 mAh battery while the other one has 3080. This gives you around 31% more battery capacity than mi 4. Last but not least, there is also a fingerprint sensor in redmi note 3, allowing you to have a safer locking facility. Mi 4 fails to contain this as well.

Hope this article clears your doubts regarding the drawbacks and advantages of the two phones simultaneously. If you are willing to buy any of two, it’s completely your choice. Remember, each and everything on this earth has its own pros and cons.

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