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Where would any of us be without our portable digital devices today? It does not seem that we can go more than five minutes without looking at our phones, checking our tablets, or powering up our laptops. This, of course, is largely because these devices are now more powerful than ever. This means that they can do a lot more than they ever could before. With great power, however, comes great battery drainage. While our portable devices can do pretty much anything, there is a downside to all of this. Our devices are also being drained faster than ever. When you combine this with the fact that there are hardly ever power outlets available, you have a frustrating situation on your hands. This is why the RazorPlatinum by MyCharge is attempting to change all of that.

Now, RazorPlatinum is hardly the first portable charger to exist. There have been many different products all claiming to charge portable devices equally well. So, what makes this particular powerbank any different from the others? Well, keep reading to find out:

RazorPlatinum Charges MacBook

Have you ever had one of those moments when your laptop is threatening to die on you? Of course, at this very moment, you are unable to find a single power source into which you can plug your laptop charger. If you are a proud owner of a MacBook, then with RazorPlatinum, this is a problem of the past for you. Why? The USB-C Port on this powerbank boasts 36W. This means that it is capable of charging your MacBook. However, it gets even better. Not only is the RazorPlatinum able to charge your MacBook, but it does not even take that long. In about a 100 minutes, you should have a fully charged laptop on your hands!

Compatibility with Devices

Now a MacBook is not the only device that you can charge with the RazorPlatinum. This powerbank also has a USB-A Port that allows it to connect with other devices as well. You will be able to power up a variety of smartphones and tablets with this powerbank. It is equipped with a smart-sense feature that makes it completely compatible with numerous digital devices. In addition, to being able to charge many different devices, the RazorPlatinum also manages to do it much faster. In fact, it is estimated that the powerbank will charge your devices at a rate that is about 65 times faster than other powerbanks on the market. This is because the RazorPlatinum allows for maximum transfer of power from the powerbank to the digital device.

Other Features

The RazorPlatinum weighs in at less than a pound, making it ultra-light. Furthermore, it is about 6.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. This means that you will easily be able to carry around the powerbank. It does not weigh much and will definitely not be taking up too much space in your bag.

What’s more, you will not have to worry about spending hours on end, waiting for the RazorPlatinum to charge. This powerbank should be fully charged in about 2 hours. Not only is this incredibly useful, but it is also quite impressive. This makes the RazorPlatinum about 50 percent faster at charging itself than other powerbanks.

If you are looking for a powerbank, then the RazorPlatinum is definitely good value for money. It can charge many different devices quickly and efficiently. It is perfect for someone who is always on the go.

You can buy the RazortPlatinum here.

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