Razer DeathAdder mouse for gamers

razer deathadder

With a name like “DeathAdder”, this mouse pretty much guarantees to bring the pain to all the orc’s and various villains in the gaming world. What can make a corded mouse earn such a sinister name? The DeathAdder comes equipped with a 3G infrared sensor that packs an 1800 dpi resolution. Enough power to pinpoint your dwarf character’s hand to smack the fly on your monitor with an accuracy that would make marine snipers cream their pants with envy. With a response time at the almost non-existent 1ms (possibly even faster then the time it takes for Anna Nicole Smith to clean her plate of cheese cake?), and the Razer made 1000 Hz “Ultrapolling” technology, the DeathAdder is fast enough to be an Olympic gold-medalist.

Razer also adds rubber-coated buttons to the top, to protect from any late night gaming marathon sores (or jerking marathons for you porn-addicts). Sadly, for left handed gamers, the DeathAdder is only available for righties for now. Look for the Razer to be available closer to the holiday’s, and for a relatively cheap price of $59.99, a gamer would be in gear heaven with this wrapped under the tree (or under the menorah for you Jews).  

razer deathadder

razer deathadder

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Razer’s DeathAdder gaming mouse [Engadget]

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