Question To Ask Online Tech Support Professionals?


With the proliferation of a plethora of technical devices, including smart phones, laptops, computers, Bluetooth, and smart wearables, the need for remote technical support has increased significantly. We often face diverse issues with the functionality of these devices, and to sort out these problems, calling the technical support team is among the best measures. Technical support teams can be easily reached through calls, IMs or chat and emails. Phone calls and IMs are the fastest ways to reach the remote tech support team, but when you send emails, you have to wait for their reply.

If you have faced any such issues with your electronic gadgets, and have called the tech support team for troubleshooting, you would be aware of the fact that it is a time consuming process and thus, you must make the most of your phone calls or chat session with the tech support executive. Here are some vital questions which you must ask the remote tech support executive when you call for resolution of the technical problems:

  • If you are calling the technical support team to resolve some issue with your computer hardware, you must ask them about whether this is a common issue often encountered by the users or not. If it’s not a common issue, you can try replacing the hardware component in the warranty period.
  • If you are calling the remote tech support team about a virus or malware problem, and looking for the resolution, you can also ask them about the preventive measures that you must take in order to avoid the problems related to virus, Trojan or malware infections in future.
  • When you call the tech support team about the issues which you are facing on your mobile devices or tablets, you must ask the questions related to the source of the problem, how to avoid it and whether the handset or tablet can be replaced on the basis of this problem during the warranty period.
  • If you are experiencing the problems related to your computer, such as slower processing or temporarily stoppage of computer’s functioning, you can ask the tech support executive about how to speed up your computer. Speeding up the computer may require the entire computer cleanup, so ensure that they help you in cleaning up your computer.
  • Most of us call the tech support executives to subscribe to some services which may need a subscription fee, then you can ask about the renewal of the services and whether the fee is a one time charge or a recurring charge. Sometimes, you are not aware that you may have to pay a recurring charge for a service.

So, whenever you call the customer care executive, you can ask the aforementioned questions to find long lasting solutions for your problems. Apart from the question, always take the ticket number or complaint reference number, so that if you have to call again for the same issue, you can convey the ticket number. This way, you would not be required to explain the problem again, and the processing will continue from the point on which you hanged up your last call.

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