Quantum computer to debut next week


Here’s a hardware freaks dream. A living, breathing quantum computing device. Canadian company D-Wave announced that next week seems to be when the company has decided to spring it’s quantum computer on the, uh, eagerly awaiting public?

We most likely wouldn’t of caught this article if the photography wasn’t as cool as it is. But once you start reading through some of the information, or at least the information that doesn’t require you a degree in physics to understand, the finished product could be quite an innovative device.

The quantum computer is capable of calculating a humongous 64,000 (!!!) calculations at one time. The quote goes on talking about parallel universes and more mine bending jibber jabber, as Mr. T would call it. We pity the fool who goes against this machine in a equation contest.



— Andrew Dobrow

Quantum computer blog [Rose.Blog, via Neatorama]

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