Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services: Choice Is Yours

The arrival of the internet introduced a number of advantages, yet it also arrived with a lot of controversies. One of the areas that have raised debate is that of essay writing help. One lobby will tell you that this is just the same as a parent helping a child with homework. It’s not as if the essay writers will sit with you in the exam at school, they argue.  Yet another lobby will reason that it is akin to cheating and it is illegal. If you have not yet made up your mind about which side you want to support in this great debate, we have created this list to make your side-choosing easier by looking at the pros and cons of using essay writing services.

The Pros

Provides Great Examples: A good essay writing service will provide you with a great example of how you should write your assignment. It’s more like a tutor helping you with extra lessons. Good online companies like EssayHub keep a blog where students can see examples of how essays should be written.

Frees Up Your Time: Being a student is not easy: you have to deal with term papers, exams and other school demands like sports. Online academic help can assist you to ease the pressure when you feel as if you are not coping. Dedicated writers will always ensure that you meet your deadline.

Professional Writers: Online academic companies allow you to work with a professional writer who will teach you how to write well. The real good ones will even allow you to select a writer of your choice who you can build a long term relationship with.

And The Cons

Good Writers Are Few: Forget what most of the online companies tell you before you make a deposit into their account: good writers are few. When you receive back a badly written essay, you will waste time rewriting it yourself. It takes time to eventually land a good writer. That time could be used for writing your own essay.

Sometimes They Miss Deadlines: Mostly, the writers employed by online help services work on a freelance basis. This means that the company does not have much control over them. If the writer disappears with your paper, there is very little the company can do apart from assigning it to the next available writer who may end up missing the deadline.

You Only See a Finished Essay: The cheap online writing companies employ writers who do not care about your essay. The disadvantage is that you only see the paper when it’s finished and mostly it is a few hours before submission time.

Hopefully, you are now in a better position to make an informed decision about online writers. Like anything else, there are good ones and there are bad one. It remains your duty to do your due diligence, and if you find a good one, stick with them.

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