Pokémon Go Players Can Now Take Out Free Accident Insurance


The Pokémon Go craze is here to stay. With many public figures urging consumers to dial back their involvement in the game, one company wants to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your Pokémon journey.

The primary issue faced by Pokémon trainers is where they can find these monsters. We’ve seen videos of a crew of hungry trainers running out onto a freeway and stopping traffic for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch a rare Pokémon. In another instance, an aspiring trainer was bitten by a poisonous snake as he explored the wilderness looking for a Pokéstop. But now, these Pokémon can be found a little closer to home. Russia’s Sberbank has outfitted some of their branches across Russia with special lures that will cause Pokémon to congregate around the branches during business hours.

Of course, it’s not just finding the monsters that is challenging trainers. Players are also faced with the risk of injury during gameplay. Reports have come in from all over the world of incidents that took place while enjoying the game. The problem is so prevalent that many public institutions are requesting that enthusiasts take a step back from the game. Even the police force has got a new hashtag trending on twitter, #DontCatchAndDrive.

One institution is taking a different approach. Instead of shunning players and forcing them to put the game away, they are taking steps that will make players safer while allowing them to “Concentrate on the game fully.” Sberbank, one of the largest financial institutions in Eastern Europe, has created a new insurance product that will protect Pokémon Go players for free.

Maxim Chernin, IC Sberbank Life Insurance, says: “As the biggest life insurance company in Russia, we feel our responsibility for the participants of Pokémon Go, the game that gains immense popularity now. Considering the number of news from around the world about players being injured while catching Pokémon, we created a special product that will be free for the players.”

All players need to do to activate the life insurance is visit a special website set up by Sberbank. After entering their nickname and phone number, the insurance will be activated for free.

Insurance will cover injuries with compensation up to 50,000 Rubles, or about $800 USD. But there is more at play than just protecting gamers. Sberbank wants to promote financial literacy within the youth of today.

“It is also important for us that the project will improve financial literacy, as the younger generation will be able to learn about insurance instruments while playing the game,” says Chernin.

He makes a good point. Insurance is such an important part of everyday life, and this is not something that is commonly taught in schools. Registering for this program will help gamers become familiar with how insurance works, building essential life skills.

Thanks to Sberbank, there is now even more that playing Pokemon Go can teach us about our world. The game has already got gamers out exploring the world, making new friends, and facing challenges. But now, the game can help prepare youth for some of the challenges they will face in their adult life.

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