Plug & Enjoy Speakers, surround sound made easy

plug enjoy speakers

If you’ve been wanting some nice surround sound to add to your pad, but don’t have the thousands of dollars it takes to shell out for audiophile speakers, this design makes surround sound as easy as…well…plug & enjoy. These little speakers pick up a FM signal emitted from your audio source (stereo, iPod, podcasts). When the music is pumpin’, you just turn the front of these little speakers, which acts as a radio knob, and literately tune in to your own audio station. Once the station is found, a LED indicator light turns green. Once this happens, wait a few seconds, until the LED changes to red, and now the knob is a volume dial. No more blowing out your speakers to assure everyone hears the music! — Andrew Dobrow

Plug & Enjoy by Jinseup Shin [via OhGizmo!]

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