Pink Stinger tampon is a shocking experience…period


It would be a shame if this tampon taser gun were to go off at the wrong time. Like when inside of someone’s naughty place. The aptly named Pink Stinger, which sounds like a combination between a porno flick and a sea creature, is a way for woman to not only regulate their menstruation hygiene, but offers a method of self defense as well.

In its stun setting, you only need to make contact with your target via the 2 prods, for an effective toxic shock. Rendering the victim disoriented, degraded and embarrassed. When shooting in taser mode, 2 extra absorbent tampons with barbed probes and 12 ft. of wire are expelled and propelled by compressed nitrogen. The Pink Stinger deals a shocking 50,000 volts of electricity to the rude, male gentlemen in question. Exactly what we need. Woman with PMS wielding 50,000 volts of power in their hands. — Andrew Dobrow


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