Philips� new DVD players compatible with iPod

philips dcp750

Philips� has decided to follow along in the iPod craze, even if it looks that things might start switching to the iPhone. The new DVD players, the DCP750 and the DCP850, will have a built in iPod cradle and a DVD/CD drive, so you can either watch illegal movies on your iPod or legal ones with the DVD player. On a full charge these players will deliver 2.5 hours of playback time, not quite enough for all the LOTR action. Of course if you want to look at pictures for 2.5 hours, you can use one of the memory card readers, or if you�re grandmother wants to watch your school awards on DVD, then she may either use the DVD ±R or DVD ±RW formats. Now to the specifics of each player. the DCP750 will have a 7� screen and will sell for $149 while the DCP850 will have an 8.5� screen and will sell for $199. These seem like promising DVD players, especially for those who have iPods and for some reason who were uncontrollably drooling at around 9:45 when Jobs� was unveiling the iPhone. If you don�t absolutely have to have an iPod hooked to your DVD player, you can probably find a cheaper one than one of these. — Nick Rice

Philips DCP750 and DCP850  [via Gadgetell]

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